“By 2020, 25 billion connected ‘things’ will be in use”

 - Gartner, 2015

Every time you hit a key on a computer, or on your phone, it creates a log – a record of the action.  Your business is creating millions, or billions of records every day.  If you don’t collate and assess this information, you are missing the opportunity to vastly improve the security of your IT systems and the speed with which you solve IT issues.

S4nity provides an easy way for you to collect and view useful log information in real time. It will help you to investigate security issues and resolve application problems in a measurably faster way. This could mean the difference between a few minutes downtime, versus a few hours, or even days. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing the cost to deliver compliance
  • Support to ensure continuity of services and avoid outages
  • Searchable data to provide business intelligence